Boost your Individual Giving Income

Expert support to drive higher returns on investment

Over a period of six months, internationally respected face to face fundraising expert Phil Woollam worked with Daryl Upsall & Associates (DUA) to transfer a range of knowledge, research materials, development work, intellectual property and materials, that align with, and enhance, the existing skills and consultancy offered by DUA.

Drawing upon Phil Woollam’s 16 years of international fundraising and the last 6 years of specialist international consultancy and research in 40 countries for the some of the world’s largest international non-profit organisations (INPOs) as well as Daryl Upsall’s pioneering leadership of face to face fundraising since the 1990s, we can support your organisation in significantly improving the ROI of your individual giving programmes.

We are now pleased to offer the following new services to work hand in hand with you to drive far higher returns on investment from your individual giving programmes:

Our consultants will draw on our extensive knowledge of trends/data for face to face as for each specific market, as well as our deep experience of working with major INPOs and UN agencies all over the world.

DUA also has access to an extensive network of relationships with face to face vendors all over the world built through our specialist work over 17 years in market assessment across more than 40 diverse fundraising markets.

Follow the links for more information, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.