daryl upsall fundraising consulting

2023 conference season is in full swing for the Daryl Upsall International Team!

Emily Bracken, CEO of our Consulting Division, will kick off the Opening Plenary at the 30th Austrian Fundraising Congress in Vienna on the 9th of October on the theme of “Best practices from abroad to create a vision at home”. She will explain why it is important to take stock of the achievements and remaining opportunities in local fundraising by comparing the trends, innovation, and best practices emerging in international fundraising, as well as the market contexts that shift how we are reaching donors.

Emily is also running an inspiration and application workshop on How can your organizations apply best practices from around the world”, sharing examples of high growth and strong returns that exist across international markets that can be applied to Austrian organisations.

After a high-speed boat journey from Vienna to Bratislava, Emily will continue at the CEE Fundraising Conference on the 12th and 13th of October with a workshop on “What’s Working Around the World… And How to Make It Work for Your Organisation”, sharing a channel-by-channel analysis of key elements of successful fundraising programmes in today’s challenging context.

Returning to Vienna, Daryl Upsall will celebrate his birthday on the 12th of October by giving the keynote opening presentation at the  Legavision Conference sharing the story of LegadosSolidario, now haztestimentosolidario, one of the first and most successful joint legacy campaigns in Europe, which he co-founded in 2006. He will also share some of the megatrends and innovations impacting on fundraising today.

As the team moves to the world-famous International Fundraising Congress (IFC) in the Netherlands, which Daryl Upsall International are proud to be sponsors of, our Senior International Consultant, Sonya Burke will deliver a dynamic new workshop, Customer Centric Marketing – Common Challenges and Shared Solutions from Corporates and Non-profits”.

And finally, at the IFC, Daryl Upsall will be leading and facilitating the challenging Open Discussion Session on Climate Change, debating the question: ‘where has our sector failed to prevent the causes of climate change and what can we do now to make a real difference?’. This will be a lively, heated debate, involving some of our sector colleagues working on the face of the issue as well as those with the capacity to mobilise civil society.

In a nutshell, October is bursting with action for the Daryl Upsall International team. Stay tuned!