Ale Piazzolla unites with the Global Commons Alliance

The Global Commons Alliance is welcoming a brand new teammate, Alejandra Piazzolla, to join the core team as Operations Lead. Supporting the GCA’s incredible mission to accelerate change and safeguard our global commons, Alejandra will sit at the heart of the team to strengthen the organisation’s operational capacity and ensure Global Commons Alliance operates efficiently and effectively.

Our new CEO, Zoe Oldham, who has worked with the Global Commons Alliance for a number of years, led the search for the new Operations Lead. Ale commented: “Zoe was always around to help answer my questions. Her support and approachability made the whole process a lot easier.”

GCA’s Executive Director, Jane Madgwick is thrilled with the new appointment, commenting: “We are really delighted to find Ale – she is a star in the rising and we very much look forward to welcoming her into the team.” Speaking of the process, Jane continued: “As always, we are very appreciative of the smooth and effective recruitment process.”

We are so pleased to announce Ale’s appointment as she becomes the fifth role we have recruited for the Global Commons Alliance. Working with them to build their team has been our great pleasure, especially with such an important cause at stake.