Amref Health Africa welcomes Denis Waweru as their Partnerships Manager

Each announcement represents a great joy in Daryl Upsall International and this time we are elated to have partnered with Amref Health Africa for the first time, to recruit their Partnerships Manager. 

Amref Health Africa is the largest health development non-governmental international organisation based in Africa. They are currently working in partnership with The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to address challenges faced in strengthening health systems in the region.

Denis has over 12 years of experience building and managing relationships, leading projects, designing, and executing strategies that create, growth and protect value within organizations. As the new appointed Partnerships Manager, he feels very optimistic in creating the change needed in building new and maintaining existing relationships with partners/stakeholders within Amref Health Africa and Africa CDC.

Regarding the recruitment process, Denis mentioned: “I like the level of detail in the job description including the expected pay range. I also loved the communication from your team member, to be specific, Ruth Gardner who was very professional and convincing. She answered any question I had with much detail.”

Leticia Buluma, Senior Capacity Development Officer, highlighted: The professionalism, continuous communication and the ability to reach a pool of candidates with rich and diverse experience. It was pleasure working with such a professional firm with a great reach of African professionals. They get the work done!”

Thank you Amref Health Africa for giving us the privilege to support you and we wish Denis all the best on this new exciting journey!

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