Anna Simitchieva

Anna Simitchieva stands with SOS Mediterranée!

In late 2021, SOS Mediterranée re-established a new chapter in Germany, creating space for an exciting new role to develop and build an entire new fundraising function for the new organization. In a tough market, that role has finally found its perfect occupant as purpose driven, team player, Anna Simitchieva takes on the position of Philanthropy Manager!

“I am extremely excited to start supporting the German chapter of SOS Mediteranée” Anna commented. “Standing behind the right cause has always been an important part of my personal life and I am very grateful to be able to support my colleagues in all philanthropic activities so that together, we can literally save lives…”

SOS Mediterranée has a simple purpose: save lives of people in distress at sea and since 2016 they have rescued more than 37’000 people.

SOS Mediterranée Director and long term Daryl Upsall client, Carl Drexler commented: “Despite a difficult market, Daryl Upsall International went through two recruitment processes to finally deliver suitable candidates.”

“What a privilege to start the New Year with such a rewarding challenging” finished Anna. We can’t wait to see you embrace this challenge in 2023, Anna! 

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