Bertie Bosrédon

Bertie Bosredon joins Daryl Upsall International to greatly enhance its digital offering to clients

We are delighted to welcome Bertie Bosredon to join our team, as Senior International Digital Consultant, to build up the digital support that the agency can offer to our clients worldwide.

“With Bertie joining the team, Daryl Upsall International has an improved opportunity to bring strategic and practical digital insights to our work and offer to our clients a new integrated approach to embed digital outreach in growth strategies” comments Emily Bracken, CEO of the consulting practice.

With over a decade of in-house expertise, Bertie understands the challenges most NPOs are facing with an integrated approach to digital. Over last 9 years as a consultant, he has worked with over 100 NPOs worldwide including World Food Programme, Handicap International, International Federation of the Red Cross, Alzheimer’s Society, Tearfund, Mind, Age UK among others.

Bertie comments, “How many white papers have you read and many webinars have you attended confirming the need to increase digital engagement?

It is clear that digital can’t be a stand-alone strategy. In my opinion, it’s not even a strategy; It’s a support programme to strengthen the delivery of NPOs’ services and increase financial and non-financial engagement.

It’s complex because it means an honest audit of all the digital tools; often new processes to ensure technologies are connected and resources are streamlined to maximize return; a cross departmental approach breaking cultural silos to deploy user journeys based on what your audiences want to hear (not what you want to tell them); and that requires new skills for non-digital staff.”

Furthermore, he adds, “Within the next 2 years, organisations that haven’t strengthened their digital capabilities will struggle to evolve. I deliberately avoid using the words digital transformation because I know from 20+ years of experience very NPOs can’t be transformed. But they need to evolve and adapt. Rapidly. Alternatively, they will have to invest more to stand still.”

If you are interested in contacting Daryl Upsall International to see how Bertie can support your organisation please contact