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Let us introduce you to Carly Mortiboys

Carly Mortiboys

Senior International Consultant

Carly leads in-depth internal reviews with clients who are seeking to increase their fundraising capacity.  She helps them to consider their unique internal barriers and opportunities as well as identifying new funding opportunities and advises them on where they should spend their limited resources for maximum return on investment.  She also undertakes market assessments in markets as diverse as: China, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa and Kenya. Most recently she is also working alongside organisations to support the practical implementation of Daryl Upsall International’s recommendations.

Prior to joining Daryl Upsall International, Carly spent most of her career working for the UK’s largest charity, Cancer Research UK and the leading university, Kings College London.  In her early career, she also worked with Action on Hearing Loss, and volunteered on the Board of a small youth-led charity, Development in Action.  Her experience and interests lie within relationship fundraising and she has worked with major donors, foundations, mid-value programmes, and legacies. At Cancer Research UK, Carly raised funds for a number of £10 million capital and revenue projects, and at King’s College London she led a team fundraising for the £600 million World Questions|King’s Answer’s campaign.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics & International Relations and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Charity Marketing and Fundraising, accredited by the Institute of Fundraising (IOF).

Carly’s approach is always mindful of the donor’s experience and the impact that an organisation wants to achieve for its beneficiaries.