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Bertie Bosredon

Senior Digital Consultant

Have you heard about digital transformation but don’t know where to start? Are you looking at new digital tools and tactics to improve your fundraising results?

With over 25 years of experience in digital (and an indelible French accent), Bertie has both strategic and practical expertise. After 11 years managing digital teams at the British Heart Foundation and Breast Cancer Care, he started working as a consultant 12 years ago. He has implemented digital solutions for over 150 NGOs worldwide including IFRC, UNICEF, Dementia UK, Greenpeace MENA, Amnesty International, Mind and many others…

Bertie left the UK after 22 years (#bert-xit) and lives close to Daryl Upsall International HQ in Madrid. He helps non-profits:


  • Improve their digital culture
  • Implement efficient governance and internal processes
  • Engage with their audiences (existing and new) with better fundraising tactics
  • Select the right technology (website CMS, marketing automation tool, fundraising platform…)
  • Upskill teams in all areas of digital to strengthen internal digital maturity


About Bertie:

Bertie helps non-profit organisations of all sizes implement digital programmes, develop their online presence, improve their digital mindset, increase engagement and conversion with their audiences. Outside his work with charities, Bertie is a music and portrait photographer who photographed many artists like Bjork, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, and Daft Punk (without helmets!)


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