Corporate Social Responsibility as a Value Enhancer for Companies

A balanced approach between economic prosperity, social welfare and environmental preservation, provides a solid basis from which to approach the world’s outstanding challenges and the means by which to seize its opportunities.

In terms of competitiveness, there is a high direct correlation between country’s competitive positions and their sustainability scores. Daryl Upsall & Associates believes in the relationship between high scores on sustainability performance and key financial indicators and in the impact of ESG (Environment Social Governance) scores on investment performance. Both analysis confirm that sustainability is in fact an enhancer of enterprise value (Foretica_Executive_summary_csr_in_spain.pdf)

The number of companies committed to the United Nation´s Global Compact initiative is increasing worldwide, with over 1600 businesses signed up so far and many countries are accelerating the rate of adoption of CSR policies.

Our Value Proposition

Daryl Upsall & Associates supports companies and other organisations in the integration of sustainability within its core competences and business strategy.

We seek to be the social responsibility business partner that provides support and expertise to companies wishing to develop a CSR Plan and to tailor their sustainability strategy to the needs of their organisation related to their corporate identity, size and industry. Our added value is focused on our deep knowledge of worldwide social injustices and environmental needs, our expertise in dealing with the Third Sector and the ability to combine flexibility and innovation in all the projects we undertake.

Daryl Upsall & Associates is specialized in defining, implementing and maintaining Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies:

  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Stakeholder and Materiality Analysis
  • Objectives and Strategy
  • Action Plan:
    • Vision, mission and values
    • Code of ethics and conduct
    • Corporate policies
    • Management system and standard
    • Supply chain
    • Social action
  • Communication Plan:
    • Sustainability report