In the context of an ever-changing global funding and philanthropic environment, non-profit organisations need to ensure that their fundraising strategies keep pace to achieve  their programme and mission goals.

Daryl Upsall & Associates supports NPOs, large and small, in the development of their fundraising strategies in the following ways:

  • Evaluating current fundraising programmes – identifying gaps and opportunities to significantly boost income.
  • Reviewing “organisational readiness” and preparing organisations ahead of significant fundraising expansion.
  • Identifying potential new markets, funders and partners to grow and diversify future income.
  • Implementing growth plans, including the setup of fundraising advisory boards and the creation of national or international fundraising strategies.
  • Developing strategies to ensure your supporters stay with you and increase their support and value over time.
  • Diversifying the fundraising mix and identifying new income streams
  • Identify professional skills gaps and recommending staff training, restructuring departments to better meet future fundraising needs and/or recommending the creation and hiring of new staff.

Daryl Upsall & Associates consultants can help you evaluate where in the world  the best fundraising opportunities are for your organisation and how to organise your team to pursue them. Our team has decades of experience in working  major international  non-profit organisations, as well as smaller national charities all over  the world to achieve their funding goals.

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