Individual giving performance review

Whether you are running a well-established individual giving operation, looking to upscale, or starting from scratch, it is critical to have a strong focus on performance measurement – evaluating lifetime value and overall return on investment (ROI).

Through an audit process, we would work closely with you and key internal colleagues to look at performance and make key recommendations regarding:

    • Measurement: How is the face to face programme is being measured internally? What should be adjusted/improve
    • Results: performance assessment of face to face acquisition in terms of return on investment, retention and lifetime value.
    • Efficiency and reporting: What is the format, quality and content of reporting from third party suppliers?  How well are they aligned with internal systems and procedures?

Our consultants will draw on our extensive knowledge of trends/data for face to face, as well as our deep experience of working with major INPOs and UN agencies all over the world.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.  We will tailor the consulting support to suit your organisation.