Evaluation of suppliers

When selecting a vendor you need to identify the partner agency that will deliver the best possible return on investment over time for your organisation.

We can help you make a fully informed, evidence based choice by working alongside you through the whole process, from identifying and researching potential vendors; evaluating the best fit with your organisation; ensuring quality control of the services they provide and checking the validity of the results they are promising. We then help by analysing the actual results of the new vendor, once in place. The consulting support would be tailored to your specific needs but would typically involve:

  • Ensure that you have in place all the necessary tools to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of the face to face programme prior to launching such a programme.
  • Support you to develop a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit face to face suppliers, working with you to clearly establish clear performance KPIs and your own unique priorities in the selection of a vendor.
  • Research and interview existing, past and potential vendors who wish to be part of the RFP process and bring forward as many suitable potential partners as possible to provide comparable proposals.
  • Convene and participate in the presentations by vendors as an impartial third party, challenging their assertions to ensure full understanding of what they can deliver.
  • Work with the selected vendor to ensure all KPIs and analytical tools are in place.
  • Evaluate the performance programme after launch against the pre-agreed KPIs.

Our consultants will draw on our extensive knowledge of trends/data for face to face as relevant for each specific market, as well as our deep experience of working with major INPOs and UN agencies all over the world.

DUA also has access to a deep network of relationships with face to face vendors all over the world built through our specialist work over 17 years in market assessment across more than 40 diverse fundraising markets.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.  We will tailor the consulting support to suit your organisation.