Supporting legacy programme development

A legacy gift is likely to be the largest donation an individual ever gives to charity and getting it right is crucial for your organisation

We support organisations in the area of legacies in a number of ways.

We can work with you on the design and implementation of legacy strategies, mentoring staff during programme roll-out to deliver a legacy channel that will become an effective and sustainable source of funding. We also evaluate existing legacy programmes and benchmark performance against the external market in a specific country, region or globally.

We will inspire and challenge you, giving you recommendations and designing an action plan to kick start a long-term relationship with potential legators.

Awareness of legacy funding is still limited in some countries but we are working to actively encourage organisations to come together to promote understanding of legacies within society.

We can also support you in the design of a joint campaign in your country or region and have done this with great success in Spain. In 2006 we launched a joint public legacy information campaign, Haz Testamento Solidario which now has 22 Spanish non-profit member organisations working together.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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