Market Assessments for Fundraising

Global reach to meet your goals

Customized market intelligence and strategic analysis is essential to compare, evaluate and prioritise options for fundraising expansion

Our market assessments help NPOs to get the information and analysis necessary to make optimal investment decisions to grow a fundraising programme either into new fundraising markets or within their own domestic market.

Our experienced consultants have worked on fundraising strategy and assessments across nearly 50 diverse fundraising markets in all corners of the globe. Our extensive global network allows our multilingual team to work hand-in hand with international NPO clients across both the most competitive and newest emerging fundraising markets.

We can work with your organisation to help evaluate if and how you should launch fundraising in new markets or into new funding channels, and can also create comparative analysis across several potential markets or income streams to help you decide on an cohesive international strategy.

For evaluation of high-value gift potential, we can undertake detailed prospect research across targeted markets or regions to inform strategy decisions.

Our deep dive assessments include detailed investment modelling to show how to best optimise the longer-term return on investment, investment needs and revenue potential.

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