Covid-19 – Our Response and Support as Daryl Upsall International

Coronavirus/Covid 19 announcement – At Daryl Upsall International we are well aware that many of you are experiencing significant disruption to your work, family, social and daily life and wish you strength and solidarity during these challenging times. We urge you to seek information and advice on the pandemic only from reliable and official national government, the World Health Organisation and established reputable media sources.

As our business has been set up to enable distance working for some 20 years, we continue to serve our consulting and recruitment clients and candidates as usual. In the course of our work, we have been in wide contact with charity partners across the world in the last few days and are hearing about amazing successes and opportunities even in these challenging times.

We will shortly be posting on our website a Coronavirus/Covid 19 Resource Guide with helpful links to useful resources, blogs, discussion fora for nonprofits and fundraising from around the world as well as on homeworking and personal wellbeing.

For those working in nonprofit organisations we also encourage you join the Covid 19 Preparedness Group.

At the agency we have worked through national and international crises and pandemics, though none as impactful as this, and have got through them.

We encourage you to reach out to us if any of you need ideas or resources on how to make the best of this uniquely challenging time.

We wish you good health and solidarity from all of the team.

Daryl Upsall FInstF
President Consulting, CEO Recruitment

Emily Bracken
CEO Consulting