Dario Soto Abril

Dario Soto Abril, new Chair of the Global Commons Alliance

We are elated to have partnered with the Global Commons Alliance to recruit their new Chair, Dario Soto Abril, Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Global Water Partnership and former CEO at Fairtrade International.

Dario Soto Abril brings a wealth of experience and strong strategic vision to help drive GCA’s efforts to shine a light and make sense of the complex interactions between the natural world and human wellbeing, and the systems changes needed to secure a safe and just future.

The GCA, which is fiscally sponsored by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, is a network of the most forward looking organizations in philanthropy, science, business and advocacy, working together to ensure that societies and the global economy thrive, sustained by healthy global commons, on a stable planet. 

Dario Soto Abril felt very supported during the hiring process and highlighted the personal approach from Zoe Oldham. “I felt it was excellent customer service and relationship management.”

Heather Grady, Vice President of Rockefeller Philanthropies, was also very satisfied with this senior appointment, and stated: “I had not worked with Daryl Upsall International before and I was so impressed with the quality of their work. I have recommended them to many others in the months since our process concluded.”

Thank you to the Global Commons Alliance and partners for placing trust in Daryl Upsall International!

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