Delia Pop, new Director for Tanya’s Dream Initiative

Daryl Upsall Consulting International (DUCI) would like to congratulate Delia Pop on her new role of Director for Tanya´s Dream Initiative.

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation hosts this philanthropic fund created at the initiative of Oak Foundation and aimed at shifting the focus from institutional care for children to family and community-based care by 2025, Delia, a strong global advocate for children´s rights, has been appointed to lead this effort.

This is what Delia had to say about the process:

Excellent recruitment agency, highly professional, very supportive and effective in ensuring the applicant needs for information are adequately met whilst bringing the best candidates for the organizations looking to recruit. Fantastic agency to work with.”

Presiana Manolova, member of the steering committee for this initiative, also added:

The services provided by DUCI are of high quality. The team is very professional and of great help in finding the best candidate for the position.”

It was my first recruitment with Daryl Upsall and Karem (Armstrong), though Oak has partnered with the DUCI for a long time. I found Karem’s guidance and explanation of the process very helpful. She discussed with me the main steps and I was aware of the stage the process was in. Karem answered all my questions and replied to my emails quickly. At the end, we are very happy with the recruited Director.”

Congratulations to Delia and all the best in fulfilling Tanya´s Dream!