Distinguished climate leader, Jaime Pumarejo to join Clean Air Fund.

With the introduction of their ambitious programme, Breathe Cities, the Clean Air Fund developed a new leadership position for Breathe Cities to lead, grow, and roll out the project to halve dangerous emissions in some of the world’s most polluted cities worldwide.

After a careful international search, we are extremely pleased to announce that Jaime Pumarejo will be joining Clean Air Fund to take on the role of Executive Director, Breathe Cities.

Recently wrapping up his successful tenure as Mayor of the City of Barranquilla, Jaime brings an incredible wealth of experience as a distinguished leader in the climate change space. With a clear passion, Jaime commented “It is a privilege to join the Clean Air Fund and work on making the goals of Breathe Cities a reality. Few people are lucky to work in what inspires them and enact change that mitigate climate change and improve the quality of life of millions of people”.

The search for Jaime was led by CEO of Recruitment, Zoe Oldham, who has partnered with the Clean Air Fund on a number of roles. Zoe led a team of recruiters to take the search worldwide and carefully ensure the perfect candidate was found. Of the search, Jaime noted: “It is a privilege to have worked with Daryl Upsall International and Zoe specifically, they were wonderful at making this as easy a process as possible.”

CAF’s Jane Burston said: “With the need for an experienced and powerful climate leader to take on our Breathe Cities project, we are very pleased to have welcomed Jaime Pumarejo to the Clean Air Fund. After collaborating with Daryl Upsall International on a number of roles, we chose to partner with them again to lead this international search for Jaime. Bringing his deep experience in the climate world, we are very happy to have Jaime in the team.”

The Breathe Cities project is bound to thrive under Jaime’s leadership and we cannot wait to hear more.