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Let us introduce you to Emma Adams

Emma Adams

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Emma partners with non-profit organisations to find them the best talent in the sector. She is responsible for managing mid to senior level roles. Based in the UK and previously Australia, Emma has recruited roles internationally and has successfully managed over 400 campaigns. Emma brings 15 years’ experience recruiting for the sector and has a particular specialism in fundraising. She is connected to a global network of fundraisers.

Organisations like working with Emma because of her in-depth knowledge of recruitment. She understands the challenges of the market particularly when recruiting in candidate short areas. She is consultative and works creatively to identify candidates from inside and outside the sector. Emma is also passionate about diversity and increasing opportunities for people in underrepresented groups. She can provide expertise on managing inclusive recruitment processes and undertaking positive action searches.

Emma has a BA degree in Law. She enjoys partnering with charities that are working to address global issues. She also has extensive experience working with higher education organisations and social enterprises.