Emma Longstaff, new data Data manager Manager at Funder Forum

We are very happy to announce that Emma Longstaff has been appointed as new Data Manager at Stichting Funder Forum (SFF), a small but energetic team supporting a network of global environmental funders that work since 2021 to create a systemic shift away from oil and gas.

Emma, who is really excited to getting started and making a difference, is an accomplished STEM data analytics professional with 8 years of experience. As part of the Strategy Team, Emma will assist in decision making to support a zero-emission economy, in the development of the work program for the philanthropic grant-making and in developing oil and gas key indicator datasets in her new role.

“Really good service, Karem Armstrong always got back to me as soon as possible and answered all questions I had”, she commented about her hiring process.

Cécile Toubeau, Executive Director at Stichting Funder Forum, pointed out they “had excellent support from Daryl Upsall International, from beginning to end, with plenty of check in moments, we were very well briefed on the candidates with accurate insight.”

Best of luck to Emma and SFF on their crusade for a safer climate future!

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