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Let us introduce you to Enrica Zamparini

Enrica Zamparini

Senior International Consultant

Enrica has been active in the non-profit sector for almost 20 years, with a focus on establishing and growing new fundraising programmes.   She is an expert on building new programmes in growing fundraising markets, with experience setting up fundraising activities and opening new Operation Smile foundations in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, China, and the UAE, as well as helping organizations such as The Human Safety Net and WeWorld GVC to set up fundraising strategies focused on achieving sustainable growth. In addition, she concentrated on leadership giving strategy in Italy, Ireland, South Africa, Sweden, USA and the UK.

At Daryl Upsall International, Enrica works with clients to review their fundraising programmes and evaluate major gift fundraising potential from HNWI, foundations and corporates across the US, Europe, the Gulf and other markets.

She has worked internally with organisations, both from a global perspective to start and support fundraising operations in new markets and in managing national programmes for non-profits in Italy and Universities in the USA.

Enrica has presented sessions at the Italian Fundraising Festival and at the International Fundraising Congress (IFC). She has also been a guest lecturer at Columbia University in New York, and is a regular visiting Professor of Fundraising at the University of Bologna.