CIOF Fundraising Convention

A journey beyond fundraising – two sessions to not miss at the Fundraising Convention

Daryl Upsall is proud to be one of the speakers at UK National Fundraising Convention this year, the largest fundraising event in the UK and in Europe. The Convention, taking place on the 3-4July, is for the first time at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in the heart of Westminster, in Central London.

Daryl has two sessions the first day. In the morning he will present on Challenges and Opportunities: Trends and Innovations Impacting Fundraising WorldwideIn this session Daryl will explore how the world is changing faster than ever creating challenges for our sector, so how do we adapt, invent, change, and invest for future fundraising success.

Later that afternoon he joins the panel session with Sarah Tite and Caroline Doran on “How Do We Deliver Our Impact and Thrive in a Volatile, Uncertain and Ever-changing Environment?” We will share our concerns that whilst our sector has potential being a fertile ground for great leadership, but at what price? Together we will explore the causes of burn-out, how leading 21st century charities require a new style of leadership, and share how leaders can help create psychologically safe workplaces where people thrive.

Daryl will be joined at the National Fundraising Convention by his Daryl Upsall International colleagues Emma Adams, Senior Recruitment Consultant on Monday and on the Tuesday by Sonya Burke, Senior Consultant.

We would all look forward to seeing you at the UK National Fundraising Convention and if you would like to set up a meeting to discuss how we might be able to help you and your organisation please email for consulting matters and for recruitment issued and we will be in contact with you.

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