Isabel Mestres, the new CEO for C/CAN

We are very proud to congratulate Isabel Mestres on her new role as CEO at the City Cancer Challenge Foundation (C/Can), working to support cities around the world to improve access to equitable, quality cancer care.

Isabel was the interim CEO for C/Can and has been a founding member and accomplished leader of the organisation´s successes since its establishment. After a rigorous selection process, in which both internal and external candidates were assessed for the role, C/Can decided to continue with Isabel´s leadership highlighting that, not only has she been instrumental in building C/Can’s partnership capacity and global positioning, but that her passion and vision for the role shone through during the process.

A leader with passion, energy, and commitment, as CEO, Isabel plans to “define the plan to operationalise the strategy, set up the right team and make it happen!”, and had this to say about the recruitment process:  “I have always worked with Daryl Upsall to identify talented fundraisers for my previous organisation and for C/Can, this time I have been on the other side of the equation as an internal candidate for the CEO position. I have been impressed with the level of professionalism they have conducted throughout the process, ensuring I was following the same process as the external candidates.”

It has been a pleasure to support C/Can in this process and we have no doubt Isabel be amazing in this role. We look forward to continuing to support C/Can as they grow the organisation and deliver further impact in cancer care.

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