Jane Madgwick aligns with the GCA

The incredible evolution of the Global Commons Alliance (GCA) in recent years, has led to the need for the first Executive Director to take the lead and drive the all-important GCA strategy forward, continuing the unique and unprecedented action to protect the natural resources we all need to survive, thrive, and prosper: the Global Commons.

The inaugural role, we are delighted to say, is being taken on by Jane Madgwick, who comes with a wealth of experience and the vital vision to develop the GCA’s activities on the international stage.

Director of Recruitment, Zoe Oldham, is thrilled to have led the search to find a dynamic leader in Jane. Board Chair for GCA, Darío Soto-Abril said: “Throughout the recruitment, Zoe went above and beyond expectations… she offered helpful insights and was always available.”

“I was happy to be led through this process and encouraged every step by Zoe Oldham, who was professional, helpful, and considerate,” said Jane, who is excited to join the GCA in May.

Daryl Upsall International is elated to have developed a close relationship with the GCA. “Daryl Upsall offers a unique approach to recruitment and I would recommend the firm blindly,” commented Darío Soto-Abril.

We are thrilled to be a part of the GCA’s team development and cannot wait to see the incredible and important work for our planet that Jane and the GCA will do in the future.