Learning champion, Lizeth Fúquene joins Fòs Feminista!

We are thrilled to announce that our incredible partner, Fós Feminista have invited Lizeth Fúquene to join the Business Intelligence, Evaluation and Research Unit in the role of Senior Evidence and Learning Officer.  

As the organisation continues their important work to advance sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice, Lizeth will bring her experience to cultivate evidence and learning across the Fós Feminista alliance. As a learning organisation, Lizeth will bolster the process to continually improve knowledge and enhance evidence-informed decision-making. 

 “I look forward to pursuing tangible initiatives that provide better opportunities for women, girls, and gender diverse people through the use of evidence and mutual learning.” Lizeth commented on her new position. “We all deserve to have opportunities outside of a homogenous group, and start being treated and valued from our differences.” 

Having partnered with Fós Feminista before, our, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Karem Armstrong was poised to lead the search for Lizeth. Of the search, Fós Feminista’s Mark Po said: “The whole process was made easy and stress free because of Daryl Upsall’s approach and methodology.” 

We are all thrilled with Lizeth’s appointment with Mark adding: “We are excited to welcome Lizeth, a passionate advocate for feminist intersectional principles and a tireless champion for learning. With a strong background in evidence-based strategies and a passion for promoting equitable access to reproductive health, they bring invaluable expertise to our team and will strengthen our capacity to achieve our mission. Her commitment to ensuring that everyone has the right to make informed choices will drive our efforts forward, fostering an environment where justice and equality are at the forefront.” 

With such great enthusiasm, we cannot wait to see the amazing work Lizeth will do with Fós Feminista.