Mercy Kanyi joins the ForAfrika team!

With such an incredible mission to empower over 20 million Africans, ForAfrika is growing exponentially and, with such development, the need to recruit and retain the best people has been paramount. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that Mercy Kanyi is joining the team as Group Finance Director.

To have overall financial oversight of the organisation, and act as the chief financial spokesperson, Mercy joins ForAfrika in order to guide the organisation toward long-term financial success.

Having worked with the ForAfrika team a number of times, our Senior Recruitment Consultant, Karem Armstrong led the search for Mercy, who commented: “I felt so at ease and the process was handled so professionally. Karem was patient with me, and I felt supported. The process was clearly explained, and all my questions were answered. There was frequent communication at every step, checking if I needed support and explaining the next steps. Daryl Upsall was just amazing!”

Once again, we thoroughly enjoyed working with ForAfrika once again, and as our highly valued partners, we are thrilled to have supported Mercy’s journey to joining the organisation. We very much look forward to hearing how Mercy settles in.