New additions to the Climate Catalyst team!

In a very exciting time, Climate Catalyst has welcomed new teammates to join them as they work to influence and accelerate policy change on their mission for a just and prosperous world in which global warming is limited to 1.5C.

We are very pleased that Ila Bose has joined the team, undertaking a leading role in building a people-first organisation as Head of People and Operations. In order to drive collective and individual growth, Ila is working to design operational systems, processes, and infrastructure.

The leading position of Director of Fundraising has been taken on by Katherine Stephenson-Hall who brings her long experience leading fundraising in the conservation world to Climate Catalyst and will design, lead, and execute a dynamic fundraising strategy.

As new Head of Philanthropy, Gemma Shaw has also joined Climate Catalyst working to secure vital funding. Gemma is a passionate teammate and is ‘delighted to be part of an organisation that is thinking about new ways to find solutions to limit global heating’

And last but not least, Sabrina Ahmed has joined the organisation as Business Engagement Manager. With a focus on launching their third campaign on sustainable aviation, Sabrina now leads business engagement and build partnerships, supporting and designing strategies for the campaign across Europe.

Our Senior Recruitment Consultants Emma Adams and Karem Armstrong led the searches, taking time to understand Climate Catalyst’s mission and how to best grow their team. New Head of People and Operations Ila Rose commented: “The team were incredibly helpful during the recruitment process which was a smooth and seamless process”. Gemma Shaw also noted: “Emma took time to understand my strengths and helped me prepare for the interview as best as possible”.

Climate Catalyst’s own Carina Molder said of the collaboration: “The Daryl Upsall team supported us on recruitment for a number important roles. Their understanding of the market, sourcing of candidates, and sticking with us, even for a hard-to-place role, really stood out. I would recommend them without pause!” We were thrilled to be a part of the Climate Catalyst team’s growth and are looking forward to seeing what the team achieves together.