Nora Christiansen

Nora Christiansen, new Senior Director National Offices for Transport & Environment

Daryl Upsall Consulting International would like to congratulate Nora Christiansen on her new role as Senior Director National Offices for Transport & Environment.  Nora will enhance the impact T&E national offices have by strategically coordinating national and regional work. 

Transport & Environment (T&E) combine the power of robust, science-based evidence and a deep understanding of transport with memorable communications and impactful advocacy.  They are the European Federation of environmental NGOs working on sustainable transport, with a vision of a zero-emission mobility system that is affordable and has minimal impacts on our health, climate, and environment. 

This is what Nora had to say about the process:

“It was a privilege to have support from Daryl Upsall International during the recruitment process. Karem Armstrong provided me with solid information about the role and close communication throughout the process. She demonstrated deep knowledge of the NGO sector, and the competences needed to be successful in a senior role. It was wonderful to work with a consultant demonstrating both integrity and sensitivity throughout the process. I can warmly recommend Daryl Upsall International if you are recruiting or looking for a new opportunity.”

William Todts, Executive Director T&E, also added:

Transport & Environment have worked with Daryll Upsall International to recruit to two positions in the organisation and we have found them consistent in their flexibility and their responsiveness. We developed an excellent working relationship with Karem and trust her to present quality candidates who bring their unique perspective to complement the established T&E culture.”

Congratulations to Nora! all the best in supporting T&E reach their amazing goals!