Rosie Childs

Rosie Childs is a breath of fresh air for CAF!

As the impact of air pollution grows, Clean Air Fund is growing too, and a unique role, Head of Advocacy was needed with the mission to influence power holders and respond to the urgent situation. Today, we are very pleased to announce that Rosie Childs will be taking on the post of Head of Advocacy and joining the initiative to deliver clean air for all as fast as possible.

Rosie commented: “I am delighted to be joining the Clean Air Fund and helping to build on their work addressing this crucial issue, one that cuts across climate change, public health and child development, but has not been properly addressed by those in power across the world.”

The role was a unique position, with Director of Strategic Partnerships, Sean Maguire, commenting that: “I think we were looking for a unicorn”. Luckily Rosie is ready to grow with the organisation and the team have ended up with ‘a very fine candidate’.

Our own Zoe Oldham, Director of Recruitment, led the process resulting in Rosie’s appointment. Rosie noted: “I enjoyed working with Daryl Upsall team throughout the recruitment process and felt really well supported by Zoe throughout.”

Zoe and the entire team are looking forward  to seeing Rosie grow with Clean Air Fund and advocate for clean air for all.