Interview with Dimitri Caetano, International Director of Fundraising

Following the successful recruitment of seven new positions for FOUR PAWS we interviewed Dimitri Caetano, International Director of Fundraising to share his experience of working with Daryl Upsall International.

Dimitri Caetano, International Director of Fundraising at Four Paws

Why did you choose Daryl Upsall International to support you with the recruitment of your new global digital team of seven staff?

In order to build a strong and diverse digital fundraising team in our International Headquarters, we needed a partner with the strongest network of fundraising professionals globally. Furthermore, we needed a partner that understands our business inside-out and knows the different profiles, necessary skills and experiences required to build a successful international fundraising digital team. Daryl Upsall International´s strong network of international fundraisers and years of experience in the international NGO sector were very important to our decision to work with them. Together, we recruited 7 new positions in our international digital fundraising team, including the Head of the department, in record time, less than 4 months.

How has the process been from your side as a client?

From the start, Karem Armstrong and Zoe Oldham at Daryl Upsall International helped us to shape the job descriptions and come up with innovative ways to attractive strong candidates. Throughout the process, we were in constant contact to ensure expectations were aligned and new directions were taken to optimize our external recruitment process. The team provided valuable insights about the candidates even before the interview process started, allowing us to focus on each candidates strongest points. In the end, Daryl Upsall International supported us on both sides, to align expectations from the candidate and the client point-of-view, so the recruitment process finalized successfully.

Would you work with Daryl Upsall International again?

Now, that we have recruited an entire digital team, we are currently working on designing the strategy ahead. Daryl Upsall International´s team is supporting us on researching for market opportunities in new and existing markets. This will help us to leverage the potential of this new team to maximize our fundraising opportunities globally.