Stefan de Greling

Stefan de Greling leaps into a new role at Panthera!

As the incredible Panthera continues to grow, dedicated to conserving the most captivating creatures around the world, the team needed a visionary funding expert to take on Europe and spearhead growth. Ready to drive success, and bring his expertise to the fold, Stefan de Greling has been appointed as Head of European Programme Funding for Panthera.

Stefan, bringing his years of varied experience around the world, is settling into life and Panthera, developing key relationships and forging new partnerships in the areas of conservation and biodiversity.

Director of Recruitment, Zoe Oldham, led the hunt for Stefan, working closely with the team at Panthera to diligently find their perfect match. Alicia Roda-Persall, HR Partner at Panthera commented: “Zoe and her team were incredibly thorough and always available… The process was very pleasant and low stress, with Zoe working hard to produce strong candidates.”

Director of Business Development, Eric Ventura said: “We are thrilled to invite our new colleague Stefan de Greling to the Panthera team,”.

Echoing that sentiment, here at Daryl Upsall International, we cannot wait to see how Panthera grows to new heights with Stefan in post.