Pooja Dutt

The IRC welcomes fundraising pioneer Pooja Dutt!

The trailblazing international strategy of our trusted partners, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), needed an inspiring global fundraising manager to lead the global enthusiastic team. We are thrilled to have found their brand-new Senior Director for International Philanthropy in Pooja Dutt.

Pooja takes on the role at IRC to expand their global footprint and provide sophisticated fundraising leadership to support IRC’s incredible mission to change the lives of refugees around the world.

In her new role, Pooja is most looking forward to: “building a truly global philanthropic team across three continents, drawing from the diverse experience of my team”. After working with Pooja for a number of years, Daryl Upsall International is thrilled to have joined her on this journey. Pooja noted: “Daryl Upsall has the widest network, the most interesting roles and provide a first class, bespoke service”.

Karem Armstrong, our Senior International Consultants headed the search for Pooja, working very closely with the IRC throughout. Thrilled to welcome Pooja, IRC’s Meinske De Bie commented: “Thank you Karem and the team for being a close and trustful partner and finding a candidate whose working style and skills are a great addition to the team”.

We cannot wait to hear what Pooja and the team get up to as the IRC hits their 90th year!