Turkey-Syria Earthquake Emergency Response What you can do to help

Two devastating earthquakes struck south-eastern Turkey near the border with Syria on Monday 6 February 2023. Already, the death toll from the disaster is over 11,000 , with the expectation that this could rise to around 20,000 and many more injured after houses, apartment buildings and offices were completely flattened by the quakes and subsequent tremors. The Red Cross estimates that at least 250,000 people could be directly affected by the destruction and damage to their homes from the earthquake.

Rescue workers, emergency services, volunteers and members of the public in Turkey and Syria are desperately searching through rubble for survivors in cities and towns across the area in harsh, cold winter conditions.

You can help as around the world as the major non-profits, UN agencies and the Red Cross are working together to raise funds and provide immediate support to those in desperate need in Turkey and Syria as a result of this natural disaster.  To find out where you can make a difference by donation urgently needed funds to provide immediate humanitarian aid visit the Emergency Appeals Alliance and follow the links to the appeal in your country by clicking here.