zero-carbon world

UMIF recent appointments for a zero-carbon world

We are thrilled to have connected Aslihan Tumer and Melissa Sangster with the Urban Movement Innovation Fund (UMIF). Aslihan joins as International Project Coordinator and Melissa as Personal Assistant.  Both are committed to supporting and accelerating humanity’s transition to a zero-carbon world in their new roles.

Hiring process with personal touch

Talking about her new role, Melissa highlighted how privileged she feels to be part of UMIF´s great team: “they are amazing human beings that are working towards making a difference in the world” and she feels excited to be able to “contribute to that by supporting them, helping anyway needed, and sharing some gained experience”.

Aslihan highlighted the timely support she received from our consultant Karem Armstrong during the hiring process and how she was able to match those needs with UMIF’s. Melissa stated that “the overall recruitment process with Zoe Oldham was outstanding. The level of dedication and professionalism was remarkable, and also the personal touch in all the communications, the human side which is so valuable.”

Final goal: a zero-carbon world!

From UMIF, Stephen Campbell Co-Director said: “Working with the Daryl Upsall International recruitment team has been a pleasure from beginning to end. We really like that they have multiple modes of recruitment and are very well networked around civil society so they can draw in a solid pool of applicants”.

Thanks UMIF for your trust and congratulations to Aslihan and Melissa. We wish them all the best in supporting humanity’s transition to a zero-carbon world!

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