Miryam Delgado

Chief Operating Officer

Miryam is since 2006 the Chief Operating Officer both at Daryl Upsall Consulting International (DUCI) and Daryl Upsall & Associates (DUA) www.darylupsall.com and runs the administration and finances of both companies. Additionally, she provides leadership in setting organizational priorities and supporting the work of the consultants. She is responsible for ensuring that DUCI and DUA consultant’s individual skills match with each project and that all project deadlines are met.

Chief Executive Officer

Miryam is the CEO of The FoodieMarket SL a company established in 2015. The FoodieMarket SL is the official distributor for the Big Green Egg in Spain and Andorra www.biggreeneggspain.es

Prior to joining DUCI Miryam worked for 13 years for the international publishing group Reed-Elsevier in Holland and in Spain as the Marketing Manager of different business units. Her primary expertise is in marketing and communications, as well as on the complete publishing process, both print and digital. Previously, whilst living in the UK, she worked in the non-profit sector for Community Service Volunteers (CSV) helping raise funds for joint European projects from the EEC Social Funds. And prior to that she worked as a teacher in secondary education.

Miryam has a university degree in education and speaks several European languages.

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