Face to Face Fundraising Webinar: Best Practices and New Iniciatives, by Daryl Upsall.  

Daryl Upsall, FInstF will take you on a world tour featuring the cutting edge best practice in use of this powerful committed donor recruitment tool. He will illustrate how it has been successfully integrated with other programs such as telephone, new media, virtual reality, and explain how to best retain and develop your F2F recruited donors and the future challenges for F2F fundraising.

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Daryl Upsall inspiring plenary session at the National Fundraising Convention organized by the Institute of Fundraising, London, July 2015

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Daryl Upsall presentation’s  at 2015 AFP International Fundraising Conference:

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Whoopi - Daryl U pic 2015
Whoopi Goldberg with Daryl Upsall

Seth Godin with Daryl Upsall

Daryl Upsall presentation’s at 2014 AFP International Conference on Fundraising:

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Daryl Upsall Consulting International AFP 2014

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Daryl Upsall presentation’s at 7th Fundraising Portuguese Congress, Lisbon, 2014.