Huge growth at Global Methane Hub!

Believing the reduction of methane gas can protect the planet and its people from the worst impacts of climate change, the Global Methane Hub has sprung into action, becoming the first coordinated philanthropic approach to methane mitigation.

With such urgent need for climate action, the Global Methane Hub has been growing and Daryl Upsall International has been very pleased to collaborate extensively with the hub to build their team.

Using our ‘surge recruitment’ approach, a recruitment team was formed, to search for 4 roles simultaneously and we are now happy to report that Oliver Woodford, Carolina Valenzuela, Olachi Nzuruba, and Tracy Wong have taken up posts as Grant Manager, Office Administrator, People and Operations Associate, and Executive Assistant to the CEO respectively.

Global Methane Hub’s Chief of Staff, Elise Edwards commented: “As a growing and global organization with a timely need to fill roles, the team at Daryl Upsall made a complex recruitment process smooth and simple. They managed all facets of the initial process and the wide range of expertise and backgrounds they delivered allowed me to focus on the interview process and their timely and professional communications with candidates and internal teams was greatly appreciated. Recruiting for four distinct roles on an accelerated timeline was daunting, but I could not have done it at all, and certainly not well, without the terrific Daryl Upsall team. I plan to use them for all our future recruitments because I was so impressed with their reach and access to a diverse and interesting talent pool.

We are now thrilled to be partnering with Global Methane Hub again on two new roles, Program Officer, Energy and Deputy Program Director, Energy and we very much look forward to continuing our partnership and seeing how the team continues to grow.