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Let us introduce you to Julie Verhaar

Julie Verhaar

Global Executive Leadership Advisor

Julie supports and facilitates the executive and board leadership of national and international non-profit organisations (INPOs) and UN agencies in their organisational development and journey to sustainability and transformational change.  She works with clients to assess internal readiness for change and growth, review their existing strategies and organisational setup, internal challenges and opportunities and provides support and advice on how to optimise their internal operations as well as their leadership and governance structures and processes.

With over 20 years’ experience driving successful business and fundraising operations within INPOs and UN agencies, Julie is a skilled, highly competent and experienced Chief Executive and Senior Director. She is a solid, supportive, and inspiring leader, able to expertly facilitate operational transitions, and lead staff through complex change programs.

Highly experienced in managing the often-challenging governance relationships within and between national and international no-profit organisations.  Julie is known for providing strong and transparent communications to drive impactful and mission-oriented global operations. She has a proven track record leading organisations through major organisational change and whilst revenue growth in unrestricted and restricted funding.

Most recently she was the Acting Secretary General for the International Secretariat of Amnesty International.  She led the implementation of a cultural change initiative which included the creation of a Racial Equality, Diversity & Inclusion initiative and a comprehensive mental health & wellbeing program. Other global senior roles she held with Amnesty International were Deputy Secretary General (DSG) and Senior Director Global Fundraising & Engagement. Before joining Amnesty International she was in senior leadership positions with UNICEF, Greenpeace International and the Netherlands Red Cross.